Iam Anne, an 31 year old german girl, who studied journalism and history. Beneath beeing a blogger and a content creator iam working in a digital agency (social media/copywriter).


I started Maditas Haus back in 2013 during my studies of journalism and history. I wanted to do something creative far away from my life at university. I had a huge interest in home decor since I was a little girl, so it was easy for me to decide how I wanted to express myself creatively. I signed up for Blogger and wrote my first blog post without knowing much about blogs or cameras, but I had the passion to learn and grow, so I did just that. 

I opted for Maditas Haus because I love Astrid Lindgren, a swedish author, and her books. I especially love the character of Madita, who is a brave young girl, always in adventures and trouble. Therefore and because I love the scandinavian way of living Maditas Haus was the best name for my Blog.

It’s amazing what can happen when you truly love what you are doing. My work as a blogger makes me happy and keeps me motivated. I love to photograph my home and share new ideas with my followers. Every day brings a new adventure or opportunity. That’s what is so exciting. So, thank you for following along and for your continued support!

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